finally, Funke Akindele apologizes after being criticized by Nigerians for lunching a birthday party amid coronavirus

Previously to this, a video was surfaced on social media which seemed to be a party lunched by the Nollywood actress and her husband on the platform of celebrating her husband birthday.
funke akindele

For this reason She was severely slammed on social media by Nigerians including her fans, saying  her decisions to lunch a party amid a pandemic was not in anyway related to rationality.

The Nollywood actress on her Instagram page has apologized to her fans and friend for hosting a party amid lock-down, stressing that she would never mislead anyone.

Nevertheless, She explained that the gathering was not originally intended for a party She said, everybody that was present at the party was part of the filming Cast-Crew, a project that would have been in progress before the lock-down,

 further more she said "Naira Marley was part of the project" but decided to stay behind due to Government degree.

She apologizes one more and promises to practice what she preaches.

Click the image below to watch the video
funke akindele post - photo


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