Professor Wole Soyinka has advised Nigerians to rise against bad leadership in the country

Speaking at an event in Lagos to mark 50 years after the Nigerian civil war, Professor Wole Soyinka adviced Nigerians to rise against bad leadership in the country to prevent another civil war.

Nigerians have been urged to rise up against bad leadership in the manner which African-Americans in the United States spoke up against police brutality in their country.

In a statement He said: “I propose that we borrow a leaf from our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. I have no qualms in reminding this, or any other Nigerian audience that, such is the ingrained slave mentality of the contemporary progeny of those who sold those exiles into slavery in the first place, that some in this nation actually consider it a duty, even honour, to take up cudgels on behalf of the denigrators of our own kind, of our own race.

"Thus, they proceed to insult those who respond in their own personal manner to such racists, however powerfully positioned and no matter where on this globe – but let that pass for now. 

“My intention is to jog your memories regarding that spate of serial elimination of our kind – the African-Americans – by white police in the United States at that very time, an epidemic that merely actualised the racist rantings of the current incumbent of the White House as he powered his way to the coveted seat in the last United States elections." 


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